Fu Zhen Song’s Dragon Bagua Zhang

All we need in this long awaited book is to show the advertising notes (and names) of the fund …
“Fu was largely responsible for the introduction of the northern internal martial arts systems in southern China, and their sinuous movements, Baguazhang All students will benefit greatly from the material provided in this book and applaud Wei Ran Lin and Rick L. Wing for their efforts to provide Chao Lin Zhen The book in the English-speaking world.
Dan Miller. Editor and editor, Pa Kua Chang Journal
The Chinese martial art of Baguazhang has a long and illustrious history of training manuals, and Fu Zhen Song of the Dragon Bagua Zhang continues this great tradition. Lin Chao Zhen was a direct student of Fu Zhen Song, and his proximity to the renowned teacher is reflected in the detail shown in the various techniques in the book. I recommend this important and informative training book.
Brian L. Kennedy co-authored Chinese martial arts training manuals: historical ”
All we can add is that for a great first major text and English text on a martial theme is a gem, full of history, instruction, analysis. An excellent introduction to the unique style created by Master Fu Zhen Song.

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