The essentials of Bagua Zhang

This is a unique representation of the power, efficiency and beauty of the art of Ba Gua Zhang. The essential principles and methods of Bgz training are presented by Master Wu Ji Gao, heiress of Beijing Gao BGZ Family. Ba Gua Zhang, nei gong, footwork, standing postures, walking fixed circle posture, the eight basic methods of the palm and shape Ba Gua link, and methods of kicking and hands, pushing hands And BGZ 36 48 songs and methods. The pictures. “Gao Ji Wu began the study of traditional Chinese martial arts at the age of seven under the tutelage of his father and grandfather.Today, Gao Ji Wu continues the tradition of the martial arts family his experience and knowledge Of BGZ and 64 hands is immense and unique.This book and those who follow it will grow in VCD previously filmed.Bosomo has been involved in the martial arts since 1973. he is professor Xing Yi and Ba Gua and directs a clinic of Chinese medicine in Nueva He is the author of a tooth from the mouth of the tiger.
This new book is very well formatted with large clear images and direct translations of many key points Ba Gua of the “songs”. A very good effort for anyone interested in any of the branches of the Ba Gua tree.
Bagua Quan
This large book is the first in English by He Jing Han. It contains a series of sections on general principles in the almost philosophical language. There are also photos of Bagua style basic stretching and some illustrations with instructions on Chang palms. There is a section on the applications of Bagua with “spontaneous” recorded responses. Many correlated information about the meridian and which muscle group is involved in the basic inner palms. It must be said that some of the information here, especially postural, should be examined with skepticism. There is a sense that he Jing Han is a better dancer than Bagua. Your back attitude “Vogueing” arched and can irritate you if you have the traditional standards. One of our players pointed out (studied the style at the time). When we asked for some ground, he said that he had studied a few months. The point is that many purists will not be happy with this and may be right. But the good thing about having a broad representation is that dialogue is possible and the options abound the examples. He comes from the line of Tian Gong Bao and is a member of the branch of Yin Fu. Translation of Yang Ya Hui and Alex Kozma.

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