Wudang Qigong

Wudang Taoist Qigong consists of eighteen types of exercises and methods: Prevent the mountain, wild goose flight, fold the crane, carry the sky, the two appear, four directions, withdraw and pull low, Pipa, Offer fruit, face To the sun, shaking grass, dragon and tiger, snake coil, expectoration of the core, climb a tree, make a bow at the top. By practicing the Wudang Qudong Taoist in China, each person should practice individually and take the direction of the teacher who sets the priorities (by practice), depending on breathing and breathing, breathing, embryo breathing ( Before birth), etc. If standard methods are performed for breathing circulation by sitting, lying, moving, closing and so on, these methods of exercise should be practiced and studied.
The first step is to move the inner air into the small celestial circle; It is also known as the first gate and is called refining energy and the transformation of respiration. In general, energy, breath and mind become spiritual breath. The second step is to move the inner air into the great celestial circle; It is also known as the second door and is called breath refining and mind transformation. Together, mind and breath become mind. The third step is the combination of ten thousand things as a whole; It is also known as refining mind and return to empty. Recover and return empty, to understand the heart; See the character, make the body stronger, and prolong the years.
The energy, the breath, the mind, refer to the primitive energy of the previous Heaven of the human body, the original breath, with the original spirit. Among them, energy is the basis, the breath is the pulse, and the mind is the master. Just as the spirit carries the breath, then the mind refines the energy. In the human body, when energy is strengthened, then breathing will suffice. When the mind is sufficient, then strength will be abundant, body and mind sound. Conversely, if the energy is low, it will exhaust the breath. If the breath is exhausted, then the spirit dies. Therefore, during the refining process and culture, always take seriously the conservation and storage of energy, regulation of breathing and conservation of mind. When the energy is full, the breath will be. When the wind is strong, the spirit is strong. When the spirit is strong, the body will be healthy and free from disease.
Laozi Dao Te Jing in the third chapter says: “Empty heart, fill the belly, weaken ambition, strengthen character.” So this is the motto for Taoist practice Wudang Qigong China in the study of every method of exercise, there are To understand each method of exercise; The energy treated in each S. Accumulation is a type of practice in these methods of qigong doo├»ste, without control, in a temporary way, that do not practice other types of exercises or training methods. If there is a posture movement that can not be executed, focus the study on this posture. We have to exercise and practice this position should not seek what is beyond their capabilities, empty heart, patience, cultivate both inside and outside; Step by step, we are going to get a relaxed abdomen and breathing up properly breathing properly cultivate, and we will not get sick when the dan tian is .. complete and sufficient internal breathing is free and unobstructed. Breath and strength are sent from the spine after what the heart desires. Focus on one, deal with substantial. Do not let the practice hope to become lax, then it will be sustainable; Follow the rules, follow the rules; Perfecting the breath, cultivating human life; Cultivating the heart, cultivating character; Then look for the emptiness and quiet. A complete vacuum leads to a long life.

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